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bbc sherlock // caps (24/100)
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i bet my whole entire skeleton that mycroft has referred to john as “my brother-in-law” to a third party at least once

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wow, a man with a queer alcoholic sister and a military past who is IN THE CLOSET???? INCONCEIVABLE???

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Kayl’s ‘IRL’ Friends Promo

While we all have AMAZING mutuals and all, I have quite a few irl firends on here who are amazing and I love them just a whole bunch. 

Alexandra: Anime, art (she can do the art too man) and photography as well as LOTR and other fandoms. Amazing person and i just love her

Ashley: Sherlock, Ben C, LOTR and humor. Also just wonderful I can’t even with her

Dayle: The wifee, Seb Stan, Marvel, Feminism and Porn. Literally amazing and gorgeous and ilysm dayle, marry me yet?? ;*

Emma: Doctor Who, fob, and other fandoms (also super nice and funny and successful at college stuff)

Marissa: what a babe, marvel, supernatural, fob and humor shes so caring and nice and also very hot ily bb

Diana: supernatural, art and destiel perfection shes ababe and very smart and I wish i was her sometimes tbh

Morgan: for all your hipster and 1d needs shes incredibly amazing i heart her

Kelli: super amazing supernatural, sherlock, photographer and other fandoms. Also an avid shipper. She’s so great like ahhh.

Phoebe: supernatural and marvel galore, amazing human tbh, gorgeous funny and all around lovely

Alaina: hipster and jesus, whats more to love?? gorgeous and also i haven’t seen her in so long and it breaks my heart :(((

Sydney: she’s not on much but when she is she has awesome Supernatural posts with a smattering of other fandoms shes wild and gorgeous and i love her

I’m sure I forgot some but I love you all and you are all amazing <33

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at no point in my life have i ever been more emotional about this gif


tjl/r means nothing. look at this gif. ask them to explain this gif. this gif is all powerful. it is everything. tjl/r is nothing


Bad Education Series 3 [x]


Sherlock and his nape curl ♥ s3

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I hate school because it’s that time of the year where you realize you aren’t just ugly, you’re also stupid.

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Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka reenact the spaghetti scene from Lady and the Tramp (x)

this is the cutest

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space in his last vow

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